Beginners Drawing Course

8 weeks
6 May – 24 June
Saturdays 1 – 3pm

This 8 week drawing course is a solid beginning to learn how to see like an artist and learn drawing concepts and techniques. We begin with line, and take a thorough look through different approaches to value, tone, form, and texture. 

Perfect for beginners or anyone that needs to fill some gaps in their knowledge and techniques. Drop-in rates for individual classes are available. 

Saturdays, 1 – 3pm
$280 for the 8 week course
If you miss a class we can catch up on another date in the Open Studio Class.

$40 for individual session/s.

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Week 1:  Line
Week 2:  Value
Week 3:  Tone
Week 4:  Form I
Week 5:  Form II
Week 6:  Texture I
Week 7:  Texture II
Week 8:  Composition

Tutor:  Carmel Byrne


We’re up to week 7 of this course and below shows student’s development over seven weeks.