Colour mixing for painters

Sunday 25 March 2018
10am – 4pm

$155 if registered by 11 March 2018
All paint & materials included 

Maximum 6 students.

Register or phone 02 9557 0582
Carmel Byrne

Suitable for all levels including absolute beginners
Book here

Colour can be intimidating but if you understand the theory that underlies subtractive colour mixing, and have the opportunity to practise the delicate mixing skills under the guidance of an experienced artist, then you have solid skills that stay for life.

We begin with some colour theory & start with biased secondary mixes & move onto mixing the subtractive tertiary mixes of greys & blacks, how to gently desaturate colours, all skills that are so important in painting.

You learn:

– The optimal pigments to mix clear secondary colours
– How to organise a palette
– The relationships between complementary colours
– The three components of colour
– Colour value and it’s role in pictorial organisation
– Distinction between value & saturation in colour
– The crucial role of neutral colours
– How to mix a neutral grey with complementary colours 
– Desaturate a colour to change it’s value
– Mix colour through layering paint
– Brushwork when layering colour

Book here.
Enquiries : email / 0450 457 374

Handouts are provided with full information on colour theory, paints, mediums and brushes.

We touch on colour mixing through brushwork and the layering of translucent colours.

We recommend this workshop as a primer to learn to draw and to paint.


Testimonials for this workshop :

Colour Startup

3 July 2016

I loved the workshop – a fantastic way to spend a Sunday in a great studio environment filled with natural light. Carmel brought a wealth of knowledge to the workshop & gave individual attention to each participant. I will definitely be applying all the information in my own art practice.
Thank you Carmel.

3 Jul 16

The Colour workshop was the right way to practice and learn about mixing colour. You have to learn about this hands-on, and we did! Carmel is very engaged and knowledgeable, and there is no holding back with anything she provides – we got down and painty for six solid hours!

June 2015

I just attended the Colour Workshop in June and once again, learnt things that changes the way I look at art – not just my own work but all art – Carmel, as usual, had everything at hand and each time she explained some of the workings of colour, she had an example on hand to make the learning process easier. So glad I found this art space – well done Carmel. P.S. I now love ‘grey’.
Scott Pollock

3 May 2015

I was very happy to attend the colour startup workshop, it was great! Theory and practice make a good combination. I now appreciate some of the subtleties of colours and can mix clear colours. It was a relaxed and positive atmosphere – great for learning in. The workshop will provide a strong basis for when I venture into painting. I am very please with the results I achieved in a short time, thank you Carmel.

3 May 2015

I learned so much, I can now understand what I’m doing and the mistakes i was making a lot more obvious and have the fundamentals to go forward in my art adventure!