Oil Painting Course

7 weeks / 21 hours
14 February – 28 March 2018
Wednesdays, 6.00 – 9pm

$290 if booked by 1 February 2018

Painting is demystified and explored using the simple and practical theory of a limited palette. A limited palette simplifies the painting process by restricting the choice of pigments (paint colour) that can easily overwhelm the process.

This course will simplify colour mixing to ensure all students explore the theory and skills through a tempered learning process to fully understand of the power and versatility of colour in painting.

The course will introduce students to new understanding to the world of colour through temperature, tone and saturation and also devolve the language and observational skills to further extend an appreciation of painting.

It’s a common practice to start beginner students with acrylic paint and then progress onto oil. There are immense advantages to moving immediately onto oils so we introduce beginner students immediately to our oil painting courses.

Course Outline

  Learn colour theory through an understanding of the limited pallet
  An introduction to the concept of Notans, the tonal evaluation of paintings
  Learn the archival qualities for painting in oils
  Learning to undertake a painting from thumb nail sketches to finished oil painting
  Gather source material for painting projects
  Set up a compositional still life
  Tips on how to set up home studios, to continue practice
  Understanding of the versatility of the medium and its possibilities
  Enjoy the confidence of a positive learning environment
  Suits beginners to advanced painters

Planned Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, students should have:

• A good understanding of applying advanced colour theory to their work
• An understanding of compositional concepts
• A confidence in interpreting masters works
• Have confidence in self directed enquiry

Materials List

The paints listed below are all Series 1 pigments and will costs approx $11 each in the Art Spectrum range. Any art store will be able to help with the following items.

Oil paints
Ultramarine Blue
Raw Umber
Spectrum Red
Spectrum Yellow
Zinc or TitaniumWhite

No. 1 Painting Medium
Odourless Turps
A3 Pad of Canvas Paper

Filbert size 12, Flat size 8, & Round size 4
Cheap Bunnings 4-6cm flat wash brush

A few rags
2 glass jars with lids
paper towels

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Tutor:  Christopher Horder