Opening Night: Thursday 22 February, 6–8pm
Exhibition runs: Thu 22 Feb – 4 Mar, 2018
Gallery Hours: Thursday to Sunday 12–5pm

We’re really excited to open our 2018 program with an interactive exhibition from A L Kleiner.  Micro Studios exhibition challenges preconceived notions of the gallery space where the role of passive spectator is shifted to creative participant.

The Micro Studios are constructed, functional self contained objects, specified to address the various forms and genre within the medium of painting.  The scale of each work is specifically designed for each genre of painting, such as still life, collage, and How to paint a self-portrait has an adjustable mirror.

Whilst providing an experience for the participants, collectively the Micro studios investigate the notion of ‘how a painting is constructed’ in an aim to understand the boundaries of where a painting is no longer considered a painting.

Through a satirical take on simplified forms of popular sub-genres within the medium of painting, the series of micro studios questions whether the object itself is a painting?  As each spectator participates and contributes, this question is continuously raised.