Sunday, 18 June, 10 – 4pm

$150 if booked by 4 June 2017
All materials included
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Tutor: Carmel Byrne

This workshop is perfect for anyone that has never tried drawing before as it’s full of methods & techniques specific to drawing the figure and many of them can be easily be translated to all other drawing genres such as landscape and still life.

The first part of the day will introduce the basics to building the foundations of a visual language, including line, tone, gesture and structure.

The second part of the day will focus on how to plan a drawing and we finish with a 45 minute, planned three-staged drawing using all the skills covered over the day.

Below are students works from a six week course, beginning with their drawings in Week 1 before any tutoring. It clearly depicts student progress as they methodically learnt drawing skills over the 12 hours.  We are offering this course over two one day workshops in June 2017,


After this workshop you’ll never again run out of ideas of what to do in a life drawing session.

Student works from previous Life Drawing I Workshops