Following Line is the next essential drawing element of Value also known as Tone.

The value or tone of an art work is the placement of light and dark to create a expression of mood in an artwork.

Tone is also used to create highlights and shading to render the surfaces of ‘real’ world materials using reflected light, highlights, and cast shadows.

What you learn:

  • Value as light and shadow to describe form
  • Value as light and dark in to create mood
  • Skills based exercises to understand the distinction between the two

The Course

Elements of Drawing is a foundation course for the elemental basics of drawing.

There are many intentions behind drawing. Drawing is a useful way to quickly visualise and idea, design, or to work a way out of a design problem. Drawing can be used to work out an spatial issue, a design problem, it’s a quick way to visualise an ordered sequence of actions as in a film storyboard for organising frames and shots. Drawing is a very direct expression of thinking and it’s very easy to add mood and emotion to the imagery.

During this foundation course we learn how to draw primarily from direct observation which is an expressive form of drawing where students learn to ‘see’ and connect.

During this drawing course students will learn how to handle –

linework / values / tone / form / texture / composition

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