Desert Jungle

Anna Spencer
Runs Thu 26 Oct – Sun 5 Nov, 2017

Well travelled artist Anna Spencer reflects on two distinct trips in this exhibition: time spent in San Roque de Cumbaza, a village in the Peruvian Amazon and Lajamanu, and more recently in a community in the Tanami desert of Australia.

Open to the ways in which two distant lands can influence each other, Spencer drew connections using the land as both medium and subject matter.

Living remotely, surrounded by trees more so than people, Spencer’s awe for nature was reiterated in these natural environments.

Based in predominantly indigenous communities respect, understanding and a knowledge of nature was strongly evident in both Warlpiri and Lamista cultures. They live with and are a part of nature, an idea that is seemingly inapt in urban spaces.

Desert/Jungle is a way in which Spencer can engage and learn from these ideas, responding to differing landscapes instinctively and progressively.