Candor of Doubt - exhibition of figurative paintings at Scratch Art Space, Marrickville Sydney

Aliki Yiorkas
Laura Badertscher
Nic Mason
Niqolet Lewis
Scott Pollock
Carmel Byrne

Curated by Carmel Byrne

Opening Event: Wednesday 8 March, 6 – 8pm
Exhibition Runs : Thu 9 – Sun 26 March 2017

Swiss-born Laura Badertscher is a Sydney based painter with a focus on portraiture. Laura explores how we look at ourselves, other people, and how we perceive what other people see. How we define ourselves, and how we deal with the constant need to categorise everything and everyone, and what happens if we can’t.

Nic Mason’s paintings are strongly influenced by her background in environmental conservation management, her family, and her ongoing relationship with the Australian landscape. Mason mixes an environmental focus with stories from her domestic and family life.

Niqolet Lewis interrupts the portrait to incorporate a kind of violent obscuring of the face.  The work is intrinsically tied to ideas of the subconscious and aim to evoke a set of multi-stranded associations that are more vision than event, representing not just the carnal realities of the human body but also the hidden emotional aspects of a person’s psyche.

Scratch Director Carmel Byrne’s current series of paintings explore the domain of psychological violence in intimate relationships, in particular the face presented to the world when a tortured internal dialogue is desperate to push back. The concept works on a number of levels where violence and expression aren’t easily ascribed to one or the other of the two characters participating in the drama.

We are delighted to have invited Scratch art students Aliki Yiorkas & Scott Pollock to exhibit in this show. Both artists through work & dedication have rapidly developed & grown their figurative art practise to a level of excellence. We didn’t hesitate in the decision to provide the opportunity for them to exhibit in Candor of Doubt.

Running as part of Art Month Sydney