Persona Group Exhibition

Curated by Rachael Helmore
Runs Thu 28 – Sun 8 October 2017

Opens Wed 27 September, 6 – 8pm


William BIL Anderson
Maz Dixon
Adam North
Stuart Smith

Archetypes, characters and our shifting identities are explored through five divergent artmaking practices.


William BIL Anderson Jr’s work combines quantum physics, camouflage, stencilling and mythology of the outsider. Having acquired savant syndrome from brain injury, Bil uses the Yowie as a metaphor to affirm our complicated existence and explores the dialogue between the visibility/invisabilty of disability.


Creating weird and wonderful painted worlds, Maz Dixon interrogates human presence in the landscape. Tales of exploration and heroic endeavour are countered with awkward bodies in space and the absurdity of Australia’s “Big Things”. Maz exhibits widely and is the winner of this year’s Waverley Art Prize.


ellen.gif explores the internet, lost data, evolving modes of communication and the impending obsolescence of our current media devices. Creating herself and her online crushes as characters in The Sims, Love Song Dedications sees the artist undertaking a process of playing out fantasies and filming the resulting interactions. The overlaid vocals of 1990s love/crush songs combine to what the artist describes as her “creepiest work to date”.


Adam North observes people observing. As his subjects look up and out, he allows us, his audience, a glimpse into their worlds. With a photomedia practice spanning four decades, Adam takes photographs every single day. His images capture moments of routine, nostalgia and subtle humour.


Stuart Smith’s practice simultaneously calls up a sense of curiosity, playfulness and precision. In his carefully executed paintings, characters and objects combine to form miniature table-top worlds. Originally from the United Kingdom, Stuart now lives and works in Sydney.