Oil Painting Course

7 weeks / 21 hours
18 April – 30 May 2018
Wednesdays, 6.00 – 9pm

$290 if booked by 15 April 2018

From an interior to a sublime mountain scape, a quiet field to an alley way, it’s the environment that provides atmosphere in painting.

Located in a unique industrial area, Scratch provides easy access to an interesting industrial landscape. Chris Horder’s painting course, Painting the Environment combines plein air (out door) research with a studio-based practice where students return to the studio with research material to create planned composition and painting approaches. 

Students make a painting each week during the class for this course. 

The course is a mix of nocturnal sketching & research, and if the weather is bad we explore interior space.

Students learn how to collect visual material on location through quick drawing & painted tonal studies, supported by photos to use later in the studio as reference to further develop visual ideas ready for a painting.

The course will impart a deeper understanding of how to arrange elements through the application of tonal Notan, which helps identify potential subjects for composition. It’s suited for all levels, and is integrated with an in depth analyses of colour theory and its practical application.

Materials List

The paints listed below are all Series 1 pigments and will costs approx $11 each in the Art Spectrum range. Any art store will be able to help with the following items.

Oil paints
Ultramarine Blue
Raw Umber
Spectrum Red
Spectrum Yellow
Zinc or TitaniumWhite

No. 1 Painting Medium
Odourless Turps
A3 Pad of Canvas Paper

Filbert size 12, Flat size 8, & Round size 4
Cheap Bunnings 4-6cm flat wash brush

Ink Pen Brush
A3 Sketchbook
Willow Charcoal

A few rags
2 glass jars with lids
paper towels

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Tutor:  Christopher Horder