Concert & CD Launch

Luke Bozzetto
John Encarnacao
Jon Hunter
Steffan Ianigro
Jo Williams

Sunday 19 November, 2017

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Enquiries:  0425 315 009

Guitar Solos 4 is a collection of work from five Sydney performers.

It’s the third release on psychopyjama to feature solo guitar – the first being John Encarnacao’s Giraffe Solos (2014) and the second being Jo Williams’ Sillage (2015). But rather than a failure of simple arithmetic, the title of the release is a homage to Fred Frith’s series of (three) releases of the 1970s that showcased solo guitar improvisations.

Each guitarist has a distinct approach, with flavours including folk, electronic, instrument modification and drone, all shot through with improvisation. Each will perform an extended piece taking the guitar to unexpected places –

Luke Bozzetto and Steffan Ianigro with technologically-mediated, yet tonal, even melodic explorations;

Jo Williams with his signature chromatic and spontaneous weaving of folk materials;

John Encarnacao amplifying his acoustic guitar to bridge the outer limits of rock with free improvisation;

Jon Hunter using guitar as an instrument of inquiry into the nature of sound itself.

Listen to Guitar Solos 4 here .